August 3 - 4, 2024

blackberry jam
music festival
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How far is the festival site from the ferry landing on Denman Island?

The festival site is approximetaly 5 minute drive from the ferry landing , but there is also a
small bus that goes by the festival site a few times a day if you don’t want to bring your
vehicle, it costs two dollars and you can check the schedule here, as well there is a walking path to the farm from the ferry.

Can we bring our vans or RV’s and camp on the festival site campground?

Yes campers, vans, RV’s and other vehicles are allowed on the campground section of
the festival site. Camping is free Friday to Sunday, please come prepared.

Are dogs allowed?

No, dogs are not permitted this year, unless registered assistance dogs. All other dogs must party elsewhere.

Is there water and food at the festival?

Yes, water is free and very tasty and there is lots of it at the water station just outside the
festival grounds, and there will be a an amazing selection of food vendors from around 7 am
till late.

Can you smoke at the festival?

Fire risk is taken very seriously at the festival ,there are numerous smoking areas with
tables and ashtrays and fire extinguishers, there is absolutely no smoking outside of these
areas and will be enforced by our security department

Can you BBQ in the campground?

There is a no open flame policy in effect at all times. We will be complying with all current and up to date regulations regarding fire bans. Outdoor cooking is only permitted when using approved, certified and enclosed cooking devices.

Is this event suitable for children, and how much are children tickets?

The festival is geared for the entire family. There is even an outdoor game section, kids love it. Children 12 and under are free, over 12 full price.

Is there a licences beer garden?

No, there is no beer garden , drinking of alcohol is only permitted in the camping area